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Devoted to market research solutions for 11 years

The company was founded in 2007 basically for developing and licensing software solutions. Each member of the development team has experiences of several years in the development of tools aiding market research, resulting in the superior skills and high level competency of our company. Particularly important for us is to develop software solutions fully adapted to the expectations of our partners.

We at freQuest don’t make mass products! Subsequent to detailed consultations with the client, we accomplish software development to meet all criteria. Advices of our experts based on experiences of many years will help you, and guarantee that this cooperation will result in choosing the most efficient methods for your project. Each survey is different, so the aiding program must have all specific features perfectly matched to the given requirements.


11 years' experience
100 clients
10000 surveys
40000 development hours

Our services

Our research solutions are optimized for the business environment. We develop quantitative, qualitative, panel management and data visualisation tools based on the requirements of our clients, with special efforts to ensure data security at the highest level. Your work will be supported by our experts having experiences of over 15 years.

The freQuest Professional system enables you to review the results of your client and employee surveys instantly. For regular research tasks, we adapt the freQuest Dashboard data visualisation tool and the Tableau system to your specific requirements.

In the business environment, the implementation of proper legal and data protection backgrounds may be as important as the safe operation of the software. Our legal expert and data protection specialist will provide support for you for the development of the legal background of the research system, for preparing the data protection audit and for drawing up various rules and regulations.

Experienced researchers of a specialized business partner of freQuest, the NRC Marketing Research and Consultation LLC can provide you with various types of questionnaire templates like household, employee, customer experience, NPS, product development or promotion testing, to enhance your work. And in case of special surveys our experts can help you to set up the questionnaires.

For licensed users of the freQest system, we can provide a tailor-made Customer Instant Feedback system for operation both on off-line and on on-line customer points – if required. This system enables our clients to receive real-time feedback on the evaluation of each touchpoint and on their crew, through the on-line dashboard.

In case of building client and employee panels, we provide our clients with the freQuest panel management software, and in addition, our panel building experiences of over 18 years can help them create high quality research panels, maintain response rates and operate the panels successfully.



He is a leading expert of on-line market research, engaged in market research for more than 18 years as the leader of NRC.

János Klenovszki

owner, executive director

With education in mathematics, she is a programmer working in various fields of programming for the last 22 years. As a member of the team designing and programming the freQuest questionnaire assembly software, she began to shape the basic elements of the system in 2003. Since then she was continuously involved in the technical backing and development of this system.

Réka Ilyés

systems architect, programmer

He is the designer and developer of the freQuest questionnaire management software, providing continuous support for the users in case of problems.

Attila Ilyés

lead developer

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